Aonghus Clarke on using bamboo stick: 'I wouldn't go back to my ash hurley'



Before launching the hurl, it was trialled by several intercounty players throughout the National League, including Westmeath captain and Torpey employee Aonghus Clarke.

"Sean [Torpey] introduced the bamboo hurley to me last summer," Clarke told Sky Sports.

"He brought it into me, and I didn't actually realise it was a bamboo hurley. I just thought he was giving me an ash hurley. Eventually he told me and explained the idea to me. I thought the concept was deadly, I loved the whole idea of it. But then I was like, 'But I like my ash hurley, I've always liked my weight and balance'.

"Sean asked me to use it as a trial to see if it would break, and to experiment that way. I used it in a few training sessions then.

"The more I was using it, the more I started liking it and thought it was a lovely stick. I started bringing it to the [ball] wall, and then I used it in the [Walsh Cup] game against Dublin.

"Once I used it then, I haven't stopped using it since that."  บาคาร่า pantip

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