David Haye's unbeaten record nearly ended in seventh fight as he was floored by Lolenga Mock

Haye was one of the hottest talents in British boxing

Lolenga Mock knows that David Haye would acknowledge his name with begrudging respect, years after a clubbing right hand nearly ruined the British star's knockout tour.

The brash, flashy Londoner had shown off his trademark 'Hayemaker' punch at glitzy venues in Miami Beach and the Playboy Mansion, a fitting location for his model looks, and Mock was picked as the latest fall guy for the cruiserweight contender.

Mock, a much-travelled Congolese fighter, was unaware about a heavily hyped opponent when he arrived for Haye's seventh bout in Reading in September 2003.

"To be really truthful, I didn't know anything about David Haye before the fight," Mock told Sky Sports.

It's highly likely that Haye knew little or nothing about Mock either, but recognition was earned in a reckless firefight.

"David Haye, he mentioned my name in his book," said Mock. "I know if David Haye talks to somebody about Lolenga Mock, he remembers."

Mock had been significantly lighter than Haye on the scales, raising concerns about whether the natural super-middleweight should even receive his chance to withstand the Brit's whirring fists.

Any lingering fears were dispelled by Mock, who lets out a lengthy laugh while remembering how the stage had been set for Haye to produce another swift demolition.

"By the time David Haye came into the ring, I could see how everybody stood up. Oh s**t, this is going to be a good fight.

"I was thinking, these people don't know what this boy is going to meet here."

Haye had swaggered through the opening round, looking cheekily over Mock's shoulder at a familiar face from ringside before delivering a knockdown with a crisp right hand.

"In my head, I said okay, now is war," recalled Mock.

He charged forward in the second round, unloading looping right hands. Haye weaved away from one clubbing right, slipped another. Haye was too skilled, too savvy. โป๊กเกอร์ 3 ใบ

"If I catch him, the game is over," was the simple message from Mock.

It nearly worked. A short, sharp right sent Haye toppling forwards with one minute left of the round. Mock had found the range for his most hurtful punch and waited for the fight to be waved off.

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